T-Mobile One plan: T-Mobile will Give You free Netflix in time for Stranger Things Season 2


T-Mobile has given its customers some strange and noteworthy perks over the year’s discounts on gas, movies and free Domino’s pizza. But its newest bargain might be its great yet free Netflix. T-Mobile may not be the best cell carter from a care viewpoint, but it offers its users with a lot of value. The corporation and its CEO, John Legere, often use outside the box thinking to interrupt the mobile phone Company. The carrier just announced that qualifying customers of its T-Mobile One plan will be able to redeem a monthly subscription starting September 12.
John Legere, president, and CEO of T-Mobile said, “While the carriers spend billions on their Franken-strategies to cobble together carrier-cable-content mashups, the Un-carrier just leapfrogged them all by partnering with the best and giving it to customers at no extra charge. Because that’s what we always do.”

To qualify, customers need two or more paid voice lines on T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included. Customers with free lines from T-Mobile’s recent “line-on-us” deals also qualify. Customers on Unlimited 55+ or 2 lines for $100 can get Netflix simply by switching to the latest T-Mobile One plan. Over the year, that means you will save $120, easily by being a present Netflix customer. The only catch as far as we can tell is that you’ll need two lines on the plan. So if you are flying by yourself with T-Mobile One, you won’t be able to get in on the deal. In addition, T-Mobile One plan families who you will get Netflix payment will also get T-Mobile’s Family Payments at no extra charge.

T-Mobile is not completely unique with this Netflix bargain AT&T is giving free HBO access to customers with its unlimited plan. Also, there is a big catch T-Mobile limits smartphone video running to 480 pixels. To be honest, however, that isn’t such a big deal on a small screen. You can, of course, watch the Netflix in high-quality by using your home internet.

Now, an article initially stated T-Mobile customers with current Netflix payments would be repaid $10 monthly on their T-Mobile bill. That is improper; the program involving the two accounts together, at which point, T-Mobile will accept the duty for paying your Netflix monthly payment as long as you remain a T-Mobile customer.


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