Super Mario Run returns to the App Store


Super Mario Run disappeared from the App Store earlier today. But less than a day later, it’s back up. No reason for its temporary removal has been given by Nintendo. And now a new update is also available. Pulling up Super Mario Run’s iOS update history though, points at two very recent versions.

The latest patch for Super Mario Run puts the game at version 3.0.3. Unfortunately though, the update isn’t too exciting. Nintendo says that it only implemented bug fixes.

This is not the first-time; a publisher has banned the games from the App/iOS Store. In the past, the likes of EA had removed its Dead Space and Mass Effect Infiltrator titles while more recently, 2K had pulled BioShock from iOS too.
The application is return now and everyone can download it again from the iOS store. iOS fans can now once again continue to play and download Mario from the iOS store.


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