Samsung SUHD TV Sets Offer Nano-Crystal Technology


The new Samsung SUHD TV line brings in so many interesting features that are available for those that are interested in high-tech LCD TVs that can offer an incredible image quality. Obviously, we are referring to really high price tags. Because of that, the Samsung marketing department managed to bring in many extras you would love, like the Jurassic World extra content bundle that is instantly unlocked when you buy the TV.

Getting back to the main subject at hand, Nano-Crystal Technology is the first thing that is mentioned when you read official descriptions or reviews. This is included in every single new Samsung SUHD TV unit launched in 2015. You will not find it in the TV sets that are not labelled with SUHD.

What many do not know is that this is not actually a new technology. It is just improved. Nano-Crystal Technology is normally referred to as Quantum Dots when included in other units offered by other manufacturers.

We are basically faced with LED backlights that are enhanced thanks to nanocrystals or quantum dots. This will expand the appearance of colors, improving richness and basically giving access to a better image quality. That will improve the color that is available through modern sources. However, the benefits will only be really viewable when we will have more wide color content available. Jurassic World dos offer that but the number of movies and even games that gives access to that is low at the moment. This will change in the following years though as 4k Blu-Ray becomes more popular.

Nano-Crystal Technology is the term used by Samsung. Sony names the same technology Triluminous and LG calls its latest line, which is similar, Prime UHD. This basically means that we are currently faced with the latest in color technology associated with Samsung’s UHD line.


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