Since time immemorial a watch has been primarily used to tell time. But now the Ralston Recon 6 watch does more than just tell time. It has a survival kit built inside which has many tools that can come in handy if you find yourself in a situation where you need some help but can’t find any. These tools can help you rescue yourself from any tough situation.

Design of this watch

The most innovative part of this design is how well the dial has been designed to accommodate all of these survival tools inside it. These compartments or cases underneath the dial has been designed carefully to have a multi-tool capability and contains some amazing tools.

Tools included in this watch

As far as the tools there is a mixture of some interesting and ordinary tools built into this watch. It includes everything from a compass to a fishing line. There is a fire starter, a flashlight, a signal mirror, survival knives which were popular in the 80s and many more tools neatly tucked into the watch.

This watch will be marketed as a 14-in-1 watch that can be used as a survival tool. The selection of the tools to be included in this watch could have been done much more carefully however. For example, they could have built a digital compass into the watch instead of having a separate compass. This could have helped them save some space for some other tool.

Price of this watch

This watch looks more rugged than other rugged watches in the market. It would look a little weird when you wear this watch however. It has a retail price of $500 which seems to be a very high price. But it can be pre-ordered in Kickstarter for $275. This watch is only suitable for people who go on hitch-hiking, mountain climbing or any such hardcore outdoor activities which can put you in danger.


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