Perpetuall App- Able to Do a Lot for Smartphone Users


No one perhaps has ever thought of having a notification that can inform about any change done by contacts in the address book of mobile. However at present it is possible through a special kind of app known as Perpetuall. An installation of this app in Smartphone will notify you about such change very easily.

Need of the app

From a particular research it is known that almost 30 percent of the personal contacts in any users’ mobile change their details very often. Since it is not possible to update your phonebook to keep pace with such changes Perpetuall app is there to help you. It is, however, not like any other contact apps in which all your contacts’ info in address book are shown only and do not help you to update the particulars in a more synchronized mode.

Steps to initiate the download

To begin with let the app download for Android by visiting to the Play Store. And if you are an iPhone users visit AppStore in order to download it.

You have to register to utilize the features of the app. Real time confirmation of phone details by means of message or calling is a necessity prior to use this app. When you get registered you would fill in all your contact records primarily. Click on a + sign that is seen on the right side corner of the top to send any invitation or request to your companions to download the same app if you desire so.

This application is synced along with your Gmail contacts and other email associates in your phone book to invite them in this app. If you discover your friend’s particulars in the app, then you can call the individual or send a SMS straight to them by means of the apps already existed on your device.

After the download for iOS or for Android is done successfully, you can choose a best picture of you own to upload. The picture that you posted in your account will pop up to your friend’s mobile if he or she has acquired this app simultaneously.

Some positive features

  • Easy to use, begins to work right after installation.
  • The backup facility is allowed in the app. It means that if any modifications are done by you yourself only in one of your contact records, a warning showing red color will be shown in backup part of app. Here you can see a text written, which says that a change is detected since the time of last backup. After this, you may again have a backup of your new renewed contacts.
  • Notification will appear as soon as there is any change in your friend’s contact detail.
  • Presents updated contact information appropriately.
  • Perpetuall can take full care of the data security of the user as top priority.

Being a completely free app, it has become popular among the user. Perpetuall will definitely help the Smartphone users to get the more advanced utility of their handsets. The users even do not need to give to a single effort for updating of contacts.


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