Offline Marketing Tips you Shouldn’t Forget About


In a world fuelled by technology, offline marketing techniques can seem dated. Boring even.

The truth is, offline marketing shouldn’t be dismissed. It may be old-school, but it’s educated and as an industry has had years of practice to tailor these marketing channels. It’s in fact very much still alive and kicking.

Here are three tips to boost your offline marketing:

1.Exhibiting delivers a high ROI

When it comes to marketing your business, exhibiting is the worst-kept secret for generating a high return on investment.

It can often be neglected by businesses in terms of measuring success, but it’s a fantastic way of increasing revenue, getting your business seen and being face-to-face with your customers.

With a captive audience of people who want to research new suppliers, see what’s new and to buy, everybody who visits an exhibition could be a potential new customer.

Getting a good ROI from events means being a savvy marketer:

Reuse your displays by keeping your graphics to a simple design related to your brand rather than a current offer.

Choose the right shows to attend where your target audience would be.

Pick the right stand space for your business as well as the right staff to man the stand.

You can also look for longevity in your displays by choosing an exhibition stand from Marler Haley that won’t curl or peel over time.

Although exhibiting takes investment in both terms of money and time, it can reap a high reward if planned correctly.

2.Have impressive business cards

Business cards can say a lot about your business but the classical view of this simple landscape card can seem a bit dull. Functional at the very least, but it may not inspire any more confidence than a jotted number on a napkin.
If you’re a start-up, they are a very minor investment but can help to share your details with others at networking events as well as give them an impression of your business.

You can set your brand apart with a great design, or by choosing a non-conventional format, such as a coloured card or a different, thicker substrate to print on.

All of these differences can create an impressive looking card and one that inspires the same values that your business stands for.

For example, if you have an eco-friendly business, why not choose to print on recycled card to reaffirm your values?
At networking events, they will help to introduce and define your brand, so make sure that you choose a design and style that suits.

3.Speak at events

Having your business heard as an expert in your field can do wonders for your business. It increases your credibility and helps to build your brand as being an authority.

If standing in front of hundreds of people petrifies you, then start small. Even just attending local networking events can help to create new relationships with potential customers.

A chat across a cup of coffee with someone about your business can be all it takes to start being seen as an authority in your field.


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