Logitech Company Says Harmony Link Hub for all Owners in March


Logitech customers are not happy they found out in recent times that the company would be stopping service for its popular Harmony Link hub remote device. The device and that based device allow users to control sound equipment like home theater and wireless speaker from the Android mobile app. Then customers got an E-mail from Logitech, they will “support and discontinue service “for the Harmony Link hub as of 16th March, 2k18, adding that Harmony Link hub system “will no lengthier function after this date.”

Logitech Company is offering a one time, about 35% offer on its Harmony Hub to unusual customers, that’s not enough for Harmony Link hub users who are expressing their displeasure on Logitech support Reddit and forums. Users have not faced many issues with the Harmony Link hub device that would specify they are proposing the end of life. Harmony Link clients do not pay a subscription or device fee to use the system.

The intention has comes from an employee of Logitech with the username Logi WillWong, who clarifies in a correct post from 8th Sep, that company will not be renewing a “tech certificate license” it will expire in March. There are not providing a proper detail about how this license will permit the Harmony Link hub to work, but it looks that without it, all device is not working properly. “The permit will not be renewed as we are concentrating resources on our present application based remote, the Harmony Hub,” Logi_WillWong added, which seems to specify that the turn off the Harmony Link device is the only way to develop more clients on the newer Harmony Hub device.

But clients are calling out Logitech for bricking a system that works properly for lots of them, seemingly in the hopes of compelling an upgrade to a new system. While out of warranty customers can get a discount on a Harmony Hub, according to an updated response posted yesterday on the Logitech support forum from Logi_WillWong, those still under warranty can receive a free Harmony Hub system from Logitech Company as a changing for their Harmony Link hub.

The Harmony Link device goes before the Harmony Hub a few years and allows users to control TV, speakers, and also VCRs from the free friendly application. The Harmony Hub has increased those capacities by increasing lots of IoT systems support, making things like Hue Sonos systems, smart lights, and Roku players, control through the remote mobile application.

The life of the Harmony Link is a hard memory that the companies like Logitech have the rights to make valuable, but yet older devices old-fashioned for any reason they see apt. Clients likely bought the Harmony Link hub device because they needed a smart device to control only the fun system in their family. Ever since Harmony Link system can only device to configure via Logitech web systems.


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