BhashSMS is a company that is operating with 7 offices in India offering bulk SMS services to everyone in India. Sending bulk SMS to communicate with your customers is not a new technique. It is not needed to be mentioned that there are a lot of different service providers when it comes to bulk SMS. Though it is just a start-up, BhashSMS has managed to become the least expensive bulk SMS provider and the most reliable one, in a very short time period.

Price and reliability are two important parts of measuring whether a service is good or not. However, equally important ones are the convenience and scope. Convenience talks about how easy it is to use. Even if the service is reliable and cheap, it should not take a doctorate candidate to know how to use the service. It should be simple, easy and convenient to use by all. Scope is a deep area. Sending bulk SMS is not just a single task. There are more branches to it and we will see how BhashSMS stands in these areas.


  • Send SMS to 2 lakh customers in one click
  • No need for manual update of contact details. The software can take up the contact details from an Excel sheet
    Instant delivery
  • Reliable 24/7 customer service providers
  • You can have a discrete sender ID to show that you are who you claim to be.
  • You can add as many sender IDs, you require
  • The sender ID gets approved, within a few minutes
  • You can send SMS to anyone in India, anytime you want
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can customize the message with name and other small details with the excel sheet. For instance, you can send instant message to the employees about the salary credit, the amount credited and including the employee’s name without manually sending SMS to each one.
  • Simple process, the bulk SMS are just a click away.
  • No limit on the number of messages you send. For your own good, it is always better to communicate to the customers once in a while, not every day, unless you have something important to say.
  • Send bulk SMS in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or any city in India from anywhere


Let me rephrase the (h) point in the convenience section. You can send the message to any one in India, anytime you want only when you are sending transactional SMS. If the customer has bought a product or service and you want to inform any details about the transaction he has paid for, then you can send it to any one at any time. But, in case of providing promotional SMS, you can send a limited amount of messages

  1. You cannot send promotional SMS to DND customers
  2. You cannot send any promotional SMS before 9 AM and after 9 PM.
  3. Lottery message, political information, racial information and sexual information or any other message that would be considered as cyber terrorism or abuse would not be sent to the numbers.
  4. A team in BhashSMS would read your SMS to check whether it is transactional SMS or promotional SMS or offensive ones and route it as stated above.

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