iPhone 5C (specs VI):


Each and every usual command is present in the iPhone 5C. From making a call and writing a text to setting a reminder to buy milk and finding out if you need to take an umbrella with you – because looking out of the window is difficult. One thing you can do is to let your virtual assistant to do other task such as launching other applications, though it is not a necessary task and if you use Wolfram Alpha, you can ask moving questions which are actually meaningless but still people tend to ask them like how far Christmas is from now!

While Apple’s own business orientated applications, aimed at taking on Microsoft’s Office suite and Google Docs, don’t come pre-installed on the iPhone 5C it’s worth noting these apps are now available to download free on all newly purchased iPhones which implies that now you can get access to Pages, Keynote and Numbers basically Excel which is free of charge and which will be a godsend for anyone looking to use the iPhone 5C for business. One thing that fascinates is that all the documents will be backed up to iCloud as well. That means they’ll be available on any of your iDevices or Macs. Moreover, you can also access them via any web browser by going to the iCloud website. The iOS 8.1 update also brings the Health app, which can sync with a variety of fitness apps and track your fitness. The iPhone 5C lacks the hardware, specifically the M7 co-processor, to take full advantage, but pair it with a wearable and you can form a good picture of your fitness. It also helps you to store potentially important medical information.


There is no denial that Apple still owes the best apps experience. While the top end of Android devices are pretty universal in their slick UI and power for apps, Google Play still has to deal with so much fragmentation.

The iPhone 5C leaves me feeling a little puzzled. On the one hand it’s a great smartphone, and being a carbon copy of the iPhone 5 in terms of performance is certainly no bad thing – but its price tag, overall design and lack of glass-based, premium feel leaves a slightly unpleasant taste in the mouth.

It’s safe to say nobody sporting an iPhone 5 will be upgrading to the iPhone 5C, and only a handful will make the leap to the iPhone 5S after just a year of ownership, so it’s the iPhone 4S owners and below – in the Apple crowd at least – who’ll be weighing up the C and S.

Now that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are out, and the 5S has dropped in price, the iPhone 5C looks to be an even tougher sell. Apple’s decision to only offer the 8GB version is bizarre. I’m not convinced 16GB is always enough for a modern smartphone, so 8GB definitely isn’t.

Of course there’s also the spate of users transitioning over from BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android to consider, plus those entering the smartphone game for the first time.


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