iPhone 5C (specs V):


iPhone 5C is flooded with a number of apps. The weather app is the newest updated app that suggests it’s always sunny with a chance of cloud, or maybe it will be a rainy day too. It would have been nice to see Apple make a few more of these icons smarter even like never before. Moreover, the 4-inch screen will always remain responsive to your various pokes and prods and the 1136 x 640 Retina display provides clean and crisp visuals with a 326ppi pixel density. That does mean the screen on the iPhone 5C, on paper at least, doesn’t match the similarly priced, top Android and Windows Phone devices.


However, it is not a big issue as Apple’s Retina technology still provides an excellent display which is more than good enough on the smaller 4-inch screen size. The viewing angles are still good on the iPhone 5C and the display fits it better just under the glass which makes it look like it’s actually printed on the glass instead of residing beneath it. If you compare your iPhone 5C to a Smartphone that already sports a full HD display, you will notice that there are still some limitations that it doesn’t quite hit the same heights in terms of clarity, but you will never be disappointed in terms of isolation. There are some opinions on the new color scheme for iOS 7, which is unaltered in iOS 8.1, is less spilt than it was and the brighter, fresher look certainly makes it look more enticing on screen, catching your eye and actually pulling you into the operating system – where as iOS 6 had become rather mundane. Some fact s that might frustrate in iOS 8.1 and its previous iterations is the dependence it has on the settings menu housed here, with various app controls all instead of within the apps themselves.

It is something very annoying. Suppose if you are presently using the Facebook app and if you want to adjust the notification settings, you have to exit the app and navigate to the setting menu instead. iOS 8 (and formerly iOS 7) is a great improvement on the previous version on Apple’s interface and coupled with the colorful iPhone 5C it makes for a pleasing package. It runs smoothly on the 5C and although some may take issue with the color scheme, it’s still easy to use with the addition of features such as the Control Center provides a huge benefit to the end user.

With iOS 8.1 on board the iPhone 5C it means Twitter and Facebook come baked into the handset – head over to the settings menu and tap the relevant social network to sign in to your account. Signing into these social networks in the back end of the iPhone 5C allows you to quickly share content to both without having to jump into the dedicated applications – which aren’t installed by default. Instead of taking you out of the application and into Facebook’s own offering, you instead get a little pop up box allowing you to tap in your message, select an album to post the photo to, attach the location it was snapped which are both optional and the audience you wish to view it.


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