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There is no doubt that the Internet is a very useful tool. It gives us a lot of opportunities to have fun, communicate and educate. But the good parts of the internet are covered by many dangers. The users often neglect them but now it’s time to wake up and see what traps await you in the world of internet.

Unfriendly content

Internet is not a great place to be especially for the kids. Children have to face the worst of it because they are unaware of most of the stuff available on the web and can get exposed to pornographic content at a fairly early age. Although it’s a very serious issue but it can be avoided altogether with the involvement of parents. Parents just have to look for Android, iPhone or ipad parental controls and monitor the activities being performed by their kids. If they see their kids going through some stuff that isn’t right for them, then they can jump in and deal with the situation in timely and safe manner.


Have you ever used your anti-virus software? Probably not, but most popular ones are able to work without our interference. We just need to install the software and we can forget about it.

It’s only elementary way to feel safe on the internet. Computer and internet users should learn something about using anti-virus software.


Young people like meeting new friends using social network or public chat rooms. The count of internet acquaintances still increase, but it’s not 100% safety. We don’t know who’s on the ‘other side’. Media reports still getting new information about cyber-bullying, so every internet user is dangered, the youngest particularly. Kids can be insulted and bullied online, sometimes, to the point of feeling suicidal. And unlike physical bullying, parents can’t see cyber-bullying when it happens.

Moreover, there is another real dangerous for children – sexual predators, who have targeted children in chat rooms or social networks using false personal details.


Responsible parents should be interested in what their children do on the internet. If have no abilities to control them, we could use dedicated software which make parental control on internet much easier. This kind of software enables blocking selected websites or applications and limitation the internet access. This kind of software often is a part of safety packets added to anti-virus software. But better idea is find dedicated software, which will work better.

Of course, all of software securities can be breached. So, despite the software, we have to teach our children about dangers hidden on the internet, particularly how to protect own privacy. Parents should set some rules contain using the internet by children, as:

  • never to give their personal details eg. name, phone number, e-mail, password and postal address,
  • not to open e-mail from people they don’t know
  • not to respond to unkind or upsetting messages
  • not to get together with anyone they “meet” online.

There is no better way, to protect our kids from unlikely situations, than talk. Of course, the security applications are very good supplement.



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