Impact Of Video Games


The most enjoyable and entertaining job that we do not hesitate to play even for 24 hours in a video game. Today we spend hours together sitting in front of a play station or a video game , without bothering about our surrounding. Few do not even care about this money , but they take leisure time to play these games on a private center, children are mostly affected through video games. They lead to play for very long time , forgetting their studies.

When young minds concentrate on playing games , they lose their memory power rapidly, and they find it very difficult to set up their minds for studying. Video games could be played with the help of joy sticks and key boards. Now-
a-days video games could be played or bought in various forms such as we play through computers, mobile phones, play station, ipods, pocket psp etc. This comfortable way of playing video games caused the children to be affected seriously. Elders play video games for relaxation. They enjoy games through variety of modes. Games have been developed in many ways. Incredible number of played by the video game users.

They experiencing and entertaining in various ways. Engineers who have developed these applications now find a successful platform in this field. The main disadvantage of video game is that children are getting more worser
concentration power and lack of eye sight. Because of playing these games we do not get any benefit out of those games. It could be started and played on with a charger or a battery. It has become the most challenging games of today’s times. It is most entertaining aspect of all time for all ages. So it should be played just for entertainment for less time without affecting our eyes.


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