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We’ve put the Nexus 6P through the paces, and it’s time for a review. Hooray for reviews!

For the past few years Google has attempted to design a smartphone that engages both the buyer and the tinkerer with its Nexus program. On the off chance that you need to do all of the things with the boot loaders and the flashing and the ROMs and such, the Nexus smartphone was (and is) the mobile to have.

On the off chance that you expected to write software and test it against the very forefront of Android, a Nexus smartphone was your most solid option. Be that as it may, on the buyer side, there have dependably been bargains. For a few, the open hardware or latest version of Android was a sufficient attract to discredit things like an unremarkable mediocre screen or camera, or less-than-stellar battery life. For others, it wasn’t.

Enter the Nexus 6P. While not exactly impeccable and without a couple highlights you find in other Android- powered phones — removable capacity, IR blasters and Qi charging ring a bell — it’s the best ” consumer ” Nexus yet. With an incredible display, a magnificent camera, and all the software features of Marshmallow, it’s a Nexus for almost everyone.

The Nexus 6P is Google’s top of the line offering for 2015. It’s the greater model, with the ” faster ” processor and more memory and the higher price tag. It’s additionally truly dazzling, both in the design and construction department.

With a 5.7-inch screen, it’s littler than a year ago’s Nexus 6 in both width and thickness, yet it’s the same height. In the event that you’ve held another iPhone 6s Plus, it’s the very same size. It’s also just a bit taller and a bit thinner than a Note 5. It handles particularly like it is possible that one. This implies it feels beautiful darn great in your grasp. All metal development is pleasant, however more vital than the materials utilized is the way it’s all assembled — exceptionally well. The seams on our review unit are perfect, the bevels and rounded corners feel good, and the whole package is easy to hold and use.

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