How to Go After Entrepreneurship While You Still Have Your Day Job


Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you probably don’t have an enormous savings account or rich parents who will support you as you try to make a career out of your dreams. If you must keep your regular, boring job, you better make the most of it. With the right outlook, even a job you can’t stand can be the perfect stepping stone to entrepreneurship.

1. Continue to consider your job a blessing. Your job isn’t dead weight. It’s the thing that’s allowing you to pursue your entrepreneurship goals. It’s what providing you with the money to survive while you work on a better career. That paycheck will help you with marketing your new business, too.

2. Make the most of your time. Sure, you work 40 hours per week, but put it in context. Even with sleep added in, you still have 72 free hours every week to make entrepreneurship happen. Yes, you have other obligations, but that’s a lot of free time! If you don’t have a ton of responsibilities, that’s enough time to work in another full-time job and still have a few hours to spare!

3. Make small daily steps toward your goal. You don’t need to work through a weekend or pull all-nighters to accomplish your dreams. Actually, working this much will work against you, zapping your energy and decreasing your productivity. Not even Bob Bratt can do everything in a day! This is also a good lesson for when you are completely on our own. There’s so much work to be done, you could justify working around-the-clock without any breaks. This is the quickest way to sink a business, though. You need time to refocus and rejuvenate.

4. Outsource whatever you can, as often as you can. Whether you can outsource responsibilities at your nine-to-five job or you’re going to hire a Virtual Assistant to help with your launch, or both, delegating tasks is the key to accomplishing more. You’ll never be able to get through entrepreneurship without delegating, so it’s best to get practice at it now.

5. Use the fuel from hating your current job to keep you going. Can’t stand where you work? Does talking to your boss make you miserable? Are you sick of your co-workers? Excellent! That hatred for you current position will spur you on during the difficult times when you’re building your own business. When you do finally cut the cord, you’ll always have the horrible experience to get you through even the most trying days.

Use your current job and situation as the drive to push through and change your life.


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