How Technology Changed the Gaming Arena


Games have always inspired people to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. Games and sports no wonder helps in keeping people, fit and healthy. In this virtual world everybody is busy with their gadgets or smart phones. Either they are connected with their friends through social sites or they are busy playing games. These games help people improve their concentration level while focusing at the game.

With the growth of technology, gaming industry has made remarkable progress which has forced more people to get addicted to attractive and engaging games. It is grabbing popularity and more people are getting addicted to it because of numerous reasons.

With the inception of video games which helped children to grow up with simply puzzle and physical games. With the development in hardware, set top box, personal computers to I-Pads, I-pods, android phones and other gadgets has entirely changed the concept of gaming by making ample games available to people at their display for their enjoyment and refreshment.

Earlier children use to play games either by inserting CDs to their PC which offered them very lesser choice of different games but with the advanced technology, where more than 90 % people owns a smart phone, gaming has become their daily affair.

This modern gadget has cracked down the stereotype image of earlier game changer whose choice was limited to few games only. This availability of modern gadgets has provided a game to every hand irrespective of age or sex. Maximum people are seen busy with their games while travelling in metro or trains. Moreover, people are updating their friends and relatives with their game levels by putting their status on Facebook.

Video games restricted the game to one player. The person who owns the video game , he is the one who plays it to his heart’s content and then give to his siblings but now that situation has vanished quickly and people are engaging more of themselves in playing games through social networking sites. Some parents play video games with their children on weekly basis.

Apart from spending time together, new technology based games has positively affected the relationships of the people and families. As maximum people are engaged in playing online games, it leaves less scope of fights between them. They are too occupied to confront each other. This gaming technology has also helped the tired soles to rest. As games help them release their worries and tensions. Every score attained add-on to the happiness of the player.

Moreover, Computers needed software to play games, but the mobiles are loaded with numerous free games which give ample access to the person to play these games. There are arcade games for example or casino games for fun or for real money. Everybody likes to download more games instead of playing one or few limited games. This change in technology has added fire to the fuel by making increased speed, eye catching games in the mobile devices. This mobile facility has approached even those people who possess little or no computer knowledge.


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