Google Has Advanced its Street View Cameras


Google has upgraded the cameras for its mapping facility for the first time in eight years to capture sharper images with more detail. Because the days of the large, globe-like cameras on top of Google Street View in Google map may be slowly fading. The new camera rig will help capture photos that are purer, higher in resolution, and more bright in color. Like the old design, the rig will attach to a vehicle’s rooftop, but the smaller ball on top now features just seven cameras (down from 15) fitted with 20 megapixel sensors.

The rig also plays host to two cameras that take still HD photos and two cans on the front and back for laser locater. But they will show that essential to Google’s use of AI to catalogue of actual world locations. The developed Street View in Google map hardware captures HD images from all sides, and can provide raw data to feed image recognition algorithms, possibly offering key data for maps and business information including place names, opening hours, methods of payment accepted and more all of which is often displayed obviously in shop windows.
Google’s machine learning and AI deal means it can do a lot with higher resolution imaging data from its Street View in Google map camera cars, its engineers tell Wired. Well technology should tip to improved source data for Google’s machine learning abilities, which will allow it to develop Google’s search and Assistant functions.

Google’s vice chief and head of its mapping arm Jen Fitzpatrick speaks in the future, Google Maps might be able to answer more in depth requests that mention how the world looks, such as “What’s the name of the pink store next to the church on the corner?”

Those questions can only be answered if “we have richer and deeper information,” she says. The upgraded cameras first entered service in August, but it’ll likely take a long while before most of the Street View in Google map imagery you see comes from those cameras. However, it’s reasonable to say that Google would like to see improved data sooner than later.

However, use the Street View in Google map upgrade; you’ll see the effects for years to come. The new Street View in Google map cars started capturing imagery on the roads last month, and will regularly roll out to more spots around the world.


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