NVidia GTX700 series is the much awaited device as everyone waits for the release date to buy. It is designed with three models series, GT series, and GTX series. This device supports the direct3d 11.0 while it is equal to a PC graphics, it can also support the model SHADER 5.0 with OpenGL 1.2 and OpenCL 4.3. The processor used in this device is GeForce 600 series. The transistor used in the module is 7.1 which are equal to the performance of a computer. The equipment’s used here are from GK 104 and GK110.the surround system used here is the NV which is highest level of sound system with SMX. Then the GPU boost system helps you to save the battery usage.

The cache memory is also increased to save the time while the game is loading, the speed is also efficient to play multiplayer game mode. Atomic system is also installed to improve the performance of the device; it is available only in FP32 before the system is implemented. The HYPER-Q algorithm is the main frame of the device, where multi computer system can be connected at a single time, so that the efficiency of the system is improved without any changes, the NVIDIA GPU direct system is the process of attaining the connection peer-to-peer without any delay from the adapter. The SMX count is more than 14 were it is manipulated with high configure. The launching date of this NVidia GTX 700 series is February 19, 2013 and the code name is GK110. In the artificial world everyone is in need of entertainment in their life, many of them play game as it relaxing machine to keep you cool. The NVidia GTX 700 series is already booked in every online store for the online customers’ needs as each one waits.


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