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Are you interested in building a successful business with your partner? The idea of creating a booming business with the person you love and spend most of your time with can be an appealing proposition. While you may worry that mixing business with your personal life might be a problem, there are a lot of capitalist couples that have had major success working alongside their partners. It is not impossible to make it happen. If you are both focused and motivated, building a booming business together can become a reality.

Be Willing to Collaborate With One Another

Collaboration is key to any prosperous organization. The way different team members work together is vital to company ingenuity and overall morale. It is important for team members to communicate and share ideas, and then use those concepts to come up with things that work best. The same thing goes for you and your partner when you are trying to start a business. If you are not properly aligned with one another, or the lines of communication are not open it can have a negative impact on your ability to reach goals, come up with creative concepts, and regularly get work done.

Even if you think you have the better ideas, you should always listen your partner. Be respectful and hear him or her out. Discuss things together and always keep an open mind. When you are willing to collaborate and communicate openly with one another, you can experience far greater success than you might have anticipated.

Look Up to Other Successful Entrepreneur Couples For Inspiration

There are several entrepreneur couples that have had great success over the years and exemplify what a cohesive partnership looks like. Chris and Chris Sacca’s wife are prime examples of a power couple that came together personally and professionally to realize their dreams. Together they found the ideal balance between husband and wife and business partners. Chris and Crystal Sacca are well known for early investments in tech giants like Instagram, Twitter and Kickstarter. Their knack for finding successful companies in their early stages has led to an impressive portfolio of over 80 web and tech startups.

Before you start thinking that fortune fell into the Sacca’s lap it’s important to know that, like most of us, they have fought their way to the top. Early on, Chris traded on the stock market and even worked as an associate in his younger years but ended up laid off and yearned for something steady and reliable. He never allowed the negative things that happened in his life keep him from wanting more and pursuing more. In fact, he made it out of the rut that he was in and eventually took on an executive role for a major corporation.

Chris Sacca regularly handled negotiations and was responsible for signing different legal agreements. He initially worked for Google and then went on to create his own company, Lowercase Capital LLC. His wife Crystal was a constant support and worked hard as an advertising creative professional for Lowercase. Not only did she help the company triumph because of her advertising efforts, but she has since released books on the topics of wine and whiskey. These two professionals know how to work hard and love each other along the way. They have realized their dreams because of their concerted efforts and willingness to work well with one another.

Leave the Personal Stuff at Home and Focus Solely on the Work

You cannot expect to build a business from scratch if you are too busy worrying about what happens at home, such as who forgot to do the dishes or who is going to need to cook a meal after a long day of work. These are the kinds of things that should be left at home and not become a distraction at work.

If you cannot separate your home life from your work life, it may not be a good idea to try to build a business with your partner. However, if you are willing to think of your spouse as a business partner during work hours and avoid talking about the things that are going on at home, you can likely have the kind of success you are hoping to achieve.

Remain Supportive During Good and Bad Times

Remember that being supportive is a necessity, even when things are not going so well. It is easy to throw in the towel when you get frustrated and then take it out on the ones you love the most. But, that won’t get you anywhere in your business or your relationship. You both need to agree to remain supportive during both the good and bad. If you are both staying positive and being there for one another, you will have more motivation to get things completed.

Successfully building a business with your partner is completely possible, but you will need to remember to collaborate with your partner, look to other power couples for inspiration, leave the personal stuff at home, and always stay supportive of one another. If building something successful with the one you love is something you dream of doing, you can make it happen.


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