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Sometimes, the Android users find it very hard to manage the contents of their device. So, it becomes very confusing and impossible to them to manage the things in the Android Smartphone. Some of the handsets have basic file managers, while some others do not have such things. If you browse the Google Play, you can trace a number of file managers that can help you to arrange the files on the Android devices or even SD cards.

iStonsoft is an advanced Android file manager. It is extremely a simple tool that you need to install in the computer. You have to link your android gadget with the software so that you can easily control your files. It is also possible to backup the files. The program supports both Windows (version- 8, Vista, XP etc) and Mac Operating System (10.6 to 10.9 and later). The users can download the program for one free trial or they can buy this tool.

Backup Android files on Mac

Both the windows and Mac version of the program helps to restore or backup the data easily. However, you are perhaps concerned about the process on how to backup Android contacts. In case of the Mac version, you just have to click the Backup button, available on the major interface. You will be able to backup not only the contacts but also the images, media files, applications, SMS and many more. Thus, the possibilities of losing important data will become less. Besides this, you will be able to recover the lost files or records simply by hitting on the button.

Enjoy song, Photos and films

You may easily run your music or motion pictures from Mac. With the software of iStonsoft, you can load all the preferred songs, pictures, videos, etc with a single click. The songs can even be transferred from Android device to computer individually or also in a batch.

Send and get text messages straight on your computer

If you wish to send some text to a group of individuals then you generally need to deliver one by one. However, with the help of this tool of iStonsoft, it can be done through one simple step, and you can mail the message to a number of friends simultaneously. Thus, the software not just saves your time, but even makes the task easy. Moreover, when you have any essential and significant messages or text, you may save that as CSV folder on the computer.

Quickly organize apps-

With iStonsoft, you can easily install or uninstall any app. For windows version, the Android Manager also helps to backup the apps from the Android handset to PC and share the applications with your contacts on SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

Android file managing tool, iStonsoft provide support to most of the phone brands that have Android Operating System like HTC, Samsung and many more. In other words, it can be said that, you will be able to deal with multiple mobile devices at the same time and transport files between them.


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