Be as Smart as Your Phone with the Best games to Sharpen Your Brain Cells with


For long it was believed that we are all born with a definite level of intelligence that cannot be improved over time. But recent research and inventions prove otherwise, and with the advent of the smartphone we are actually getting smarter and smarter everyday thanks to the workout that we get from solving puzzles and strategy games in our smartphones. Quite unlike the unadulterated entertainment quotient offered by Slotomania free video slots games, these games steam your brain out. Though there are a number of puzzle games on the market, not all of them force the brain to think and use all of its potential. Only a select few game can actually train your brain and keep it sharp for a long time. The following list consists of such games that can truly turn you smart.


Imagine what it feels like to be trapped in a room that’s constantly shifting. Now turn it black and white and figure out a way to escape. Can you already feel the gears in your brain turning? Well wait till you start playing the game. Created with a simple logic but with dubiously placed challenges, the game forces your brain to relieve itself from the dependence of color and use its other senses to think. Once you get a hang of this game, you will be getting addicted to in no time.


Scientifically it has been proven, that learning languages is the most brain stimulating activity. But imagine trying to solve a puzzle written in a language that has been long forgotten amidst the eerie setting of Mayan jungles; sound interesting doesn’t it? Well that’s the exact feeling you will get from playing this amazing game. The goal of the game is to solve the puzzle by matching the symbols to form logic. So if you can get this right, you can be sure that you will have no trouble solving things in real life.

Cut the rope: Experiments

Not always turn out to be mad scientists, but in some dark corner of our heart we always wonder how it feels to be one. But with modern technology you don’t have to look far to be one, start playing this game and you will already feel like you’ve become one. Based on basic logic and some simple physics, the game involves maneuvering of ropes and objects and help in feeding the green monster omnom. Playing this game, not only will you develop your sensory skills but you will also get to have some fun as well.


100 Gates

What more horrifying than stuck in a haunted room you ask? Well, imagine trying to solve a puzzle in one, when being constantly distracted by ghosts. Truly nothing can stimulate your brain any better. The game, as the name suggest, has hundred gates which you will have to open by solving puzzles to exit the haunted castle. The UI and the game details have been so remarkably done, that the game becomes too addictive to resist. But be warned, the game requires a high level of attention, so play it if you’re really serious about giving your brain a workout.


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