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Do you look for the best valuable application to stuff your smart phone? What if the app that is going to uploaded in your smart phone gives the real value for your smart phone and make the work done. As we all know, applications are the important and the most valuable thing that matters a lots in terms of stuffing smart phone.

People usually carry a bunch of applications on their smart phones , some apps for holding up of spoon, some apps for handing knife and another to put the food into mouth. If you want to eat your lunch, you should do all the things at a time.

AskMe app

AskMe is an application for smart phones running on Android operating system developed by Getit Inforservices Pvt Ltd that offers all kinds of the information regarding your locality in various ways. Coming straight to point that you are waiting for, I would like to talk about the features those made AskMe, a real baap of all apps.

Features of Ask Me app

Ask Me app is the most useful app that let you to do all the search which has been related to the locality. For instance , you can Use this free android app to conveniently search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play which has been located near your residence or near the place you search for.

The best useful thing that AskMe offers is that you can search for the businesses near the place you seach for. You can also get the great deals offered by your favorite local businesses with the help of Ask Me app. If you want to know about the information that regarding the latest products that includes the recent classifieds on gadgets, mobiles, jobs, cars, real estate and much, much more.

Ask Me app not only answer for the locality questions you ask for, it also let you to add the reviews, photos and the tips and the ides for your favorite businesses that helps you to enhance your ideas and to share it with other readers, so that you will get to know more about your favorite business and other things.

You can also make a list of your favorite local businesses and throw the reviews to the AskMe app web site. Readers will make a view and reply for your review which let you to know about new good businesses in your city.

However, AskMe app is highly recommend you to download and install it on your handset and be smart.


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