Apple Artificial Intelligence Chief Reveals More of Its Self-Driving Technology


Apple’s chief of Artificial Intelligence research gave a small number of updates on the growth of the company has the self-driving technology front. He exposed information from several of the company’s artificial intelligence plans, each including some kind of software abilities for self-driving, and self-directed Car. The meeting had lots of artificial intelligence researchers were present, with pretty from rival technologies companies like Facebook and Google.


According to a report by Wired, Apple’s chief, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, spoke to special viewers of approximately 200 plus artificial intelligence researchers, at the Neural Info Processing Systems Meeting in Long Beach, Friday December 8th on California, about how the Cupertino (City of California) giant was using machine learning as a tool to develop software for self-driving Technology. Ruslan Salakhutdinov also discusses a new way for finding objects on the road using cameras fixed on top of a car.

Despite Friday’s private meeting on the topic, Apple’s chief Salakhutdinov did not talk about the scale or timeline for any self-driving project at Apple. There is no official announcement as to how the software abilities fit into this projects being carried out at the firm.

However, he discusses a new technology called Turi Create that Apple is open sourcing to help make machine learning easier. Another project that the artificial intelligence chief discussed involved a technique called SLAM or simultaneous localization and mapping. SLAM has been used in the past for software growth in the fields of autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Apple has been functioning on technology for powering self-driving cars, and this growth comes as a sign of progress on that front. It says a lot about Apple’s opening up to the industry regarding new products that it is working on. Before this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed they are developing a self-directed car system. In April, the technology giant got permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to test self-driving vehicle on the state’s roads.


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