Android Technology is Advancing at a Fast Pace and These Games Are Keeping Up in Style


Technology isn’t what it used to be. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell ushered in the age of the telephone with those somewhat famous words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” The telephones that came out ten years later, and even the ones which became commercially available forty or fifty years later, were not much more advanced than that early prototype.

Today, mobile phone technology is advancing so fast that the Samsung Galaxy S8 almost makes the original Samsung Galaxy look like two tin cans connected with a piece of string. What are the latest advances in Android technology, and how do these leaps forward affect mobile gaming?

Android Innovations

The 8.0 Oreo operating system is the latest technological upgrade to Android phones. Some of the cool new features include:

  • PIP: The picture-in-picture function is not new to most Android users, but it is new to the Android device. It’s mostly useful for video playback, but has some other implications for multitaskers as well.
  • User Preferences: Oreo 8.0 can predict what social media and other apps users prefer when it comes to sharing pictures and data. The system will also make other suggestions; for example, if you take a snapshot of a paper receipt, the system recommends an appropriate app.
  • Automatic Data Deletion: Almost regardless of how much stuff is in the cloud or the size of the data card, internal storage space is often an issue. New Androids at least partially alleviate this problem by automatically deleting cached data when data approaches the storage limit.

There are some physical changes as well. New devices will have longer and narrower screens, no default access ratio that makes apps more flexible, and some desktop-like capabilities, including pointer capture.

How Android Innovations Affect Mobile Gaming

Those physical alterations may be bigger news for mobile gamers than the under-the-hood changes that largely affect data- and video-driven app functionality. The mobile game market is booming, having eclipsed the PC gaming market for the first time in 2016. Furthermore, sales should exceed $50 billion in the U.S. alone by 2020. While improved technology is driving much of this growth, there are also a lot of good games available, including:

  • Final Fantasy: The latest installment of this long-running series, Final Fantasy: A New Empire mobile, represents an effort to expand the brand to more casual gamers who can readily take advantage of Oreo 8.0.
  • Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars: In terms of games that are easy to play, have lots of cool features, and boast eye-popping graphics, this game may be the pick of the litter.
  • Into the Dead 2: The first version of this zombie-killing game earned rave reviews, and the upgrade is poised to do even better. ITD2 is clearly one of the best first-person combat games available on Android.

Honorable mention goes to roleplaying game NEO Scavenger and the one and only Pokemon Go.

The marriage of high technology and advanced gaming design is a real plus not only for experienced games, but also for people who have never before entered the world of mobile gaming. Whatever category you belong to, download your favorite today.


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