Almost 70 % of iPhone Users Never Consider another Brand


In a new survey, most of the iPhone users say no sign for another brand even it is more expensive. A survey published few offers a grim picture for the company’s rivals. The research, performed earlier this month by marketing platform Fluent, they asked peoples that the smartphone users about their phone feelings.

  • 80 % of iPhone owners said its worth for paying.
  • 47 % iPhone users said they would own at least 4-5 phones in their life time.
  • 70 % of iPhone users said that their next brand also another iPhone, they never consider about another branded smartphone.
  • 67 % iPhone users said that they simply believed that the iPhone was the best phone and also said its worth for money.
  • 41 % of loyal iPhone lovers said that they admitted that they’re very comfortable and so used to iOS. They said switching to another brand smartphone will make us very painful that anything.

The researchers asked which iPhone would be the favored upgrade.

The upgraded version of iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus has added with the new features like wireless charging and improved camera quality. On another hand, iPhone 8 is rumored that have an “OLED” display and reduces the space at the top of the screen.

  • 40 % of iPhone buyers will choose iPhone 8
  • 17 % of iPhone lovers will pick iPhone 7s another 17 % will pick iPhone 7s plus

Some rumors said that the cost of the iPhone 8 will be 1000$ or above. But the iPhone users never consider the high cost. They will never consider any other model. In a charming manner, 67 percent of those who intend to upgrade to a new iPhone said that would be too expensive.


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