6 Ways in How Technology Can Drive US Energy Security


6 Ways in How Technology Can Drive US Energy Security

Energy is one of the most prolific aspects of human life on Earth. The generation of power has propelled advancements in technology as well as prompting wars between countries. While the US still imports a great deal of oil for energy and fuel purposes, technology may be the key to creating security and independence in terms of resources. Instead of relying on the production of others, the United States could stand on its own with power for everyone.


Technology isn’t purely regarded by electronic devices. Advancements come in the form of developing more efficient methods for collecting resources that are consumed. Everything from improving health standards for coal miners to the amount of light collected on a photovoltaic cell can improve the cultivation of what humanity needs for sustainable energy levels. The more efficient any practice becomes, the less reliant the United States is on foreign resources.

Location of Resources

Technology for locating materials humanity can use is another important aspect of maintaining a powered society. It’s a science to find natural gas, oil and coal deposits that are usable to generate electricity and fuel vehicles. Until a sustainable and renewable process is realistic, locating these fossil fuels can keep the lights on and the food cooked.

Improving Health Standards

There is no doubt that smog and carbon dioxide plays a role in complicating life in densely populated areas. Through health-based technologies, lifespans can be increased while reducing emissions across the board. This comes in the form of many devices from fuel-efficient automobiles to filtration systems for power plants. This technology allows greater productivity with less fear of hazardous materials.

Energy Efficient Establishments

Through projects such as LEED and energy star compliance, society begins to consume less energy at home and work. This puts less of a tax on power plants to meet the demands of communities. Appliances, materials and other aspects of energy efficiency play a role in reducing the consumption of electricity. This means there could be less of a demand for resources to operate power plants over time.

Vehicle Development

The engines of vehicles are becoming more efficient allowing greater travel while consuming less fuel. When you consider the number of planes in the air, trains on the track and cars on the road, this technology could create an incredible impact. In many cases, three hybrid vehicles can be operated on the fuel use of one traditional automobile. This means you would get three times the distance on the same amount of gasoline.

Alternative Energy Sources

Until solar and wind power generation are perfected upon, these forms of generating power act as a form of “life support” for various communities. These can be considered a stop-gap development providing communities with a way to supplement against brownouts and outages. However, this bandaid will only last so long before it collapses without efficient development for all homes and businesses. It will take more than one or two homeowners and companies within the community to decrease levels of heavy power consumption.

While solar and wind are prominent forms of renewable energies, there still needs to be improvements. Until then, society needs to rely on the technology developed for collecting natural resources in order to maintain functionality. Over time, the efficiency of use and collection methods combine to create a stable environment. As technology increases, the US may draw closer to complete security of energy.


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