5 Ways to Improve Your Tech Support


IT can be a tricky business, especially in today’s digital world where cloud networks are accessed on touchscreen tablets with WiFi capabilities and bonus BlueTooth features. So how can you stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers happy? Here are just five tips for improving your tech support.

1. Categorize By Skill

Each person in your IT department should have a specialty. For example, one might be skilled in hardware issues while another is a whiz at scripts and coding snafus. Not only will this allow specific customer complaints to be directed right to the experts, but time, energy and effort will be saved on both sides.

2. Use Performance Metrics

What’s the average length of a help call? How many tickets do you agents go through in a regular morning? How many customers are forced to call back after receiving bad advice? Analytics software will give you solid, objective data on how fast your agents work and how effectively they solve problems. Their results can also be used to form benchmarks for future goals.

3. Say No To Scripts

Scripts are never a good idea in call centers, but they’re especially aggravating to customers with highly technical problems that require specific, individualized answers. A single network issue can have dozens of solutions depending on their settings, firewalls, operating system or Internet connection. Don’t force your employees to deliver pre-programmed answers.

4. Supplement It

Companies like the Cal Net Technology Group (http://www.calnettech.com/ourservices OngoingSupport Overview.php) offer IT services on automated systems. Depending on your needs, they can provide everything from cloud support to systems management. If your IT department has grown large and unwieldy, or if you’d just like to improve your customer service experience, consider outsourcing the problem entirely.

5. Remember Common Courtesy

A pleasant, positive attitude is the foundation of good customer interaction, and that doesn’t change just because the callers are complaining about routers instead of layaways. Make sure that all of your agents have been trained in the basics of customer service, like establishing a personal connection and being able to defuse a tense situation.

These are just five tips for improving your tech support. Whether you’re a small, family-run company with a resident geek or a large corporation with an entire IT department, it’s important that your technical support is skilled, knowledgeable and courteous. If the customer doesn’t feel valued, they might just take their IT needs to one of your competitors.


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