5 Marketing Tactics All Startup Businesses Should Consider


Technology today has made it incredibly easy for virtually anyone to start a business with virtually little money. However, it’s a lack of marketing that puts many of these companies out of business within the first couple of years. From the very beginning, your business needs to grab the Internet with a firm hold and stay ahead of trends. Here are several marketing tactics that can help you surpass competition and stay relevant in your industry.

Social Media

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play an integral part in the lives of millions of people around the country. As a result, many businesses are taking to these platforms to engage their target audiences. However, it takes more than just a social profile to gather a following. It takes regular interaction and constant vigilance. This boosts trust within your brand while improving the online reputation of the business.

Building an Email List

Email is still one of the most cost-efficient marketing platforms online. Just make sure you’re sending these out from your domain and not from a web-based email account. When you buy a domain name, it will influence more than just your website. You want people to feel excited when they see a new message directly from your business. Besides, a lot of people are now skeptical of information emailed from a web-based email address.

Blogging About Industry

Blogging has done wonders for many startups. Not only does it help garner attention from those using search engines, it also helps denote your professionalism. Sharing information about the industry builds confidence within customers and may lead to improved sales and leads. Trust is vital when attracting customers online, and sharing accurate and high-quality information may help boost faith in your business. A blog can also help deliver a small stream of income through ad revenues.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing can help you increase awareness of the brand as well as encourage additional sales. This is when you offer to give someone a small percentage of the sale should they help you make one. Usually, product banners you create will be placed on the websites of others. In essence, all of those affiliates are helping you market the business without spending more on advertisements.

Partnering Up

Engaging in a partnership with another company can be greatly beneficial for both. For instance, many fitness apps available online have a limited partnership while sharing information from users with each other. You see this often in new computer systems as well. A computer developer will offer free trials of anti-viral software from a third party in exchange for something tangible, such as free versions of the software for their own company. A company that can compliment your own is the most ideal as it will increase the likelihood of attracting new customers.

Simply having a good idea is not enough in today’s business world. The Internet provides an ocean of competitors that are constantly trying to knock over your boat. Having a strong platform for marketing can help you ride those waves while staying afloat. Don’t assume that you’re doing enough to keep the doors open for you company. Evolve your plan as technology and industries change.


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