5 Business Uses for Social Media


Social media is a powerful communication platform freely available to businesses. Making good use of it can help your business grow by building a brand and establishing a community of customers, as well as providing targeted advertising. Businesses can also use social media to recruit new employees and publicize events. Read on to learn more about these strategic uses for this versatile communication tool.

Brand Building

It is no surprise that social media has proven itself to be an excellent outlet for businesses to build their brand. Successful brand building in social media usually requires businesses to focus on two or three social media platforms and carefully establishing a presence with regular posting and careful content management. The general rule for content is the 70-20-10 rule, suggesting that 70 percent of your content should add value to your brand, establishing you as a leader in your industry, 20 percent of your content should be shared from other sources, and only ten percent of your content should be promotional.

Community Building

In the process of brand-building, businesses attract followers of their social media accounts. Ideally, these followers will comment on posts, providing the business with invaluable feedback. Even better, the followers will begin interacting with each other, building communities surrounding the brand. Consumer-built communities that use and endorse a product or service is every business’ dream come true and social media provides an ideal environment for these types of groups to be created.

Event Planning

Many businesses will plan promotional events like fairs, concerts, and talks, and should be using social media to promote these events. Create a web page for each event, but also create an event page on the social media platforms used by your business so that your online community can easily find the event and all of the details about it. You can use event pages to continuously engage potential attendees leading up to the event, building excitement and interest that will help generate a larger turnout.


Recruiting excellent talent is always of concern to businesses, and social media provides a great venue to informally begin the recruitment process. What better place to look for new employees than among those that are a part of your online community and fans of your brand? Mentioning in a posting or two that you are looking for new recruits will not only get the word out to your loyal followers, but they may mention to their friends that your exciting business is looking for new team members.


Of course, your business can make use of advertising on social media. You can take the traditional approach by buying advertising space with all the major social media platforms, or you can do your own creative advertising through your social media accounts as Hampton Creek has. Just be sure to limit the advertising done through your social media account to ten percent of your total content, and try to make the style of the ads in keeping with your brand and appropriate for your online community.

In today’s business world, all brands need an online presence. The character of your presence helps to create and strengthen your brand in the minds of potential customers. Once established, businesses can use social media to build a community, recruit new employees, and advertise to a market enriched in past customers.


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