4 Apps To Help You Care For Your Pet


Technology is everywhere and affects everything. It’s making our lives easier everyday. But, we’re not the only ones benefiting from it. Even our pets are reaping the rewards of technology, having devices and apps developed just for them. Here are a couple of cool apps that will help you become a better pet owner!

Pet First Aid

Taking care of an animal can be very fun and rewarding, but it also comes with a lot of scares and responsibilities. If a medical emergency occurs for your pet, will you be ready? With the Pet First Aid app, you can help yourself become better prepared. This app can provide you with a lot of information, ranging from detailed articles with illustrations, to videos with step-by-step instructions. This app is designed to help you become more knowledgeable so you’ll be ready when an emergency occurs. Additionally, you can record your pet’s medical information to help you stay on top of your vet visits. With the help of Pet First Aid, you’ll be able to help your furry friend out in almost any emergency.


Help yourself avoid some of those medical emergencies with this simple app. Petoxins is a library of information that lets you know what plants are harmful to cats and dogs. This will help you make a decision on what plants you want to place indoors (and outdoors for those of you who let your pets roam outside).


Tagg is a device and app that essentially turns your pet’s collar into a GPS. If you often let your pet outside, this is a great way to give yourself peace of mind. The device is a lightweight attachment that is compatible with almost any pet collar (works for both dogs and cats). This device is designed to take on a lot of wear and tear, ensuring its longevity (it’s even waterproof). By using an internet browser or the mobile app, you’ll be able to pin-point your pet’s location at any given moment. You can set boundaries that your pet is allowed to roam within. Once the pet leaves the given area, Tagg will notify you by text or e-mail. With this device and app, you can always rest assured that you’ll be able to find your pet, no matter how far they stray. To top it all off, Tagg will monitor your pet’s activity and provide you with charts and graphs to help you make sure they are getting enough exercise. Tagg is an essential for pet owners who let their furry little friends outside.


You like keeping track of your pet, do you? If so, use the app from Alarm.com with your home security system to really see what your pet does when you’re away from home. For me, Smith Monitoring has turned my Barker home security system and Spring Valley home security system into the best pet-cam ever. Whenever I’m at work, I can just pull out my phone to watch live feeds of my little kitties at home. Also, this gives me the advantage when something is mysteriously broken; I can just review the footage to see who the culprit is. So, get the most out of your home security system! Let it protect your home and be a way for you to keep up with your pets!


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