3 Tips for Picking a Great Canadian Domain Name


Your domain name is an online extension of your offline identity, and like most representations of your individual or business brand, it has the power to benefit or hinder. If you want to make the most of your Canadian-based domain name, make sure you pick a domain name that ends in .ca (the official Canadian extension), grab the .com as well, and also consider these three tips:

Keep things simple.

Remember the acronym “KISS”? This definitely applies to domain names. The simpler a domain name is, the easier it is to remember, spell, and type. Don’t misspell words, and also try to not use words that are commonly misspelled (such as “necessary”) or substituted (such as “to” or “there”). Short and concise Canadian domain names is the way to go.

Brand your social media accordingly.

Register corresponding social media profiles to help expand and extend your online presence. Make sure you link your domain name to your social media profiles – and that you include a link to your domain on all of your social media profiles.

Register multiple years at a time.

If you’re set on the domain name you’ve picked out, add as many years as your chosen registrar will allow you too. Not only will you not have to worry about renewing your domain name every year, but you’ll also possibly receive a multi-year discount from your registrar.


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