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Google is one of the strongest and most vital companies to align with. It just goes to show that anyone that got on the Google bandwagon back in whenever they started, it really payed out. Yes some of Google’s technologies have died out, like Google Reader, but its okay! We have compiled quite a bit of features todays technology has to off to you today, that either replace or even preform better than other services! We also included some “lesser-known” and very hipster tools in this article! Let us know how your business, and maybe even your home might use these! Have fun!

Google Ngram Viewer

Google’s Ngram Viewer might mean nothing to your younger kids, but it means the world to us nerds that care about trends! It lets you search keyboards in millions of books. So literally almost every database out there is included in this viewer. For the more hardcore users, Ngram Viewer has advanced capabilities as well! That means that you can search for particular keywords as specific parts of speech and even combining keywords. So if you ever wanted to know how popular crack was in Victorian periods, now you can! (Seriously…)

Google Correlate

It just keeps getting better for us nerds. Any one in marketing should definitely check this out! Google Correlate allows you to look at search trends over time. Basically what that means is that you can see a clear increase or decrease in searches. A great example would be searching up home security systems and you will see a huge increase in the summer & winter but also see decreases during the holiday times. Why? That’s just the way people’s minds work. Winter makes people think about their homes and protecting it, summer makes people think about their children and protecting them.


Here’s a Jersey Village home security system company that has ranked up so well in Google’s rankings that they have gotten on the first page of Google multiple times. That’s a great thing! Google’s ranking system is absolutely amazing, its very strict but it really helps when it comes to making your business excel in Internet marketing! I love when companies like this get this right. Some companies have a fantastic product, but they have no exposure. It isn’t bad to use some of the tools that other people use. It’s just simply competition and its all fair!



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