3 Apps That Will Help Cut Out Wasted Time


With the invention of the iPhone, many new things have been created. Some of these things have created new distractions for us to deal with, like social media or games, all of which are good, but have created new ways to be distracted and less productive. Along with these new creations, we now have new ways to complete everyday tasks and help us become more productive and cut out wasted time. There are thousands of apps out there that can help us with our everyday lives. Here are a few of my personal favorites that help cut out the wasted time throughout my day.


The concept behind the app is, “if this then that”. IFTTT is one of the most interesting apps I’ve ever seen. It allows you to let the internet work for you. You can set certain “recipes” with your apps to do certain tasks automatically. Like for example, you can set a “recipe” that every time someone tags you in a Facebook picture it will download it to your Dropbox account. So any function on an app that you set, you can set to trigger another app’s function. Great way to save time and be more productive. Also, it’s just an interesting app to have.

2. Alarm.com

This app allows you to have complete control of your home’s security systems. It links up with your home security and allows you to control the lights, the thermostat, unlock and lock the doors, even monitor certain home security cameras you may have. I found this app from a company called, Smith Security. They developed the app and do most of their work with Dallas/Fort Worth home security, but are branching out to the surrounding areas like Duncanville home security, among others. This app is great for anyone doing an extensive amount of traveling. It allows you to set up a radius reminder around your home at if you were to leave without arming your home it would send you a push notification and then allow you to arm your home straight from the app.

3. Pocket

Say you had a webpage or video that you wanted to show someone, or even just wanted to save for later, but didn’t want to run the risk of it not being able to download? Well, Pocket is the app designed just for that. The idea is to be able to keep videos, webpages, tweets, Facebook posts – anything, all in your “Pocket” to be saved for later.



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