22 Year Old Guy, Who Stopped the WannaCry Virus, Arrested


There was a recent cyber attack that sent moments of restlessness and panic, to everyone around the world. It is called the WannaCry cyber outbreak. Within two days, this was stopped by a 22 year old guy from England, found a kill-switch to stop the ransomware attack. This man was considered a hero, in the social media, for his help. But, he got arrested recently, in Las Vegas, after he came out from a meeting. So, why was he arrested? Why did the police accuse him and take him into their custody? Read more about this in the article.

The Ransom ware attack:

This WannaCry virus spread rapidly all across the world, infecting around 300,000 systems, due to which companies had to close down and NHS had to offer emergency services only. It began on a fine Friday, 12 May 2017 and spread to across 155 countries. It already attacked the system and demanded 350 dollars for retrieving the files back. Within few hours of the attack, Marcus Hutchins based from North Devon in England came up with a kill switch for the virus. This hardly stopped the virus from destroying further systems. People, across the world have been trying to recover the data from the systems that have already been infected. This man was already, considered a superhero amidst the techies for, he saved many systems from crashing down. He was called as the WannaCry Hero.

But, recently he got detained as the boarded the flight in the airport in Las Vegas, at Sin’s city, by the FBI. It is said that he would have to face a 2 year investigation period and 40 years prison, if he was charged with the allegations. It is also stated that there are 6 summons based on the crime committed by the young tech expert.

The main reason for this turnout of situations is because, a charge was made on Marcus, that he was responsible for creating a malware called the Kronos Trojan banking malware and sold it to a third party for a huge price. This was said to have happened around 2015. He is said to have an accomplice in this crime, whose name still remains unknown.

The Kronos ransomware was found to be at sale for around 7000 dollars. This intruded suspicions as malwares are usually sold in hundreds. 7000 dollars is a huge amount and on basis of suspicion, further investigations were made. It was found that with the help of this malware, credentials and personal banking details were extracted from the system and malicious codes have been put up on the victim’s system.

However, in his recent twitter post, he had posted asking Kronos sample. This led to even more confusion because, why should he ask for a sample while he is the actual developer of the content. He is being investigated and is presumably, innocent until he is proven guilty. Also, it is said that he would be denied bail, as he is from another country and there are chances that he may run away.


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