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It can get pretty impossible to keep up with all the apps being updated, released, and sometimes even taken down entirely! It’s a little unfortunate when you get an app that’s amazing in its conception and then when it gets carried out practically; it ends up sucking. Then there are those apps that aren’t really the best thing to ever happen to the iPhone but turn out to be absolutely stunning and used every second of the day! Regardless of all that mess going on, I have compiled a nice little update here that will include most of the apps that have been updated or even released. So bring out your phone, and download these apps that will be sure to wow you and your family! You will definitely not want to miss out on these!


This app has drawn quite a bit of controversy because of the nature of the app itself. If you aren’t aware of what the app exactly is, let me elaborate. The app is very simple. You basically take a picture and send it to a friend. The only catch is, they only have 3-10 seconds to… “watch” the video or picture you just sent and that’s about it. It then goes away, and you never have any record of it happening. It’s basically a way for people to send pictures of each other with out the chance of their being any accountability issues. Thankfully this got quite a bit of heat because children were using it. I do believe that they should have checked this out before they released the app because I believe that plenty of kids were getting in trouble because of this app. Thankfully they released something called “snapkidz” that basically allows the kids to treat the picture they just took of themselves as a drawing board or just a captioning text. The catch is, they aren’t allowed to send it! So thankfully that might stop some of this illegal stuff that’s going on with children these days.


Something that has been on the iphone for a very long time but never really updated FINALLY received an update. Maybe something was wrong with my version but it never had a big update. They were always small so I never thought I needed. And yeah, I was wrong. I needed it. My family aligned with a humble home security system company that took care of all of the security systems we purchased and attached it to the app and made it all really easy for us to switch over from our earlier security provider!


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