2 Apps That Make Me Feel in Control


The best thing about owning a smartphone is all the apps that are available. I am a very organized individual, and so I like to keep everything in my life well organized and well thought out. Any app I can download that will aid in the organization and management of my life is one I gladly download and put to good use. Here are two of my favorites that I use every day.



I am extremely frugal when it comes to finances. I keep a careful budget and record all my financial activity regularly. I used to save every receipt so that I could be sure to keep track of all my spending, but this app makes things a lot easier. I don’t have to carry around annoying slips of paper in my wallet. Now, I can view all of my purchases the same day I make them, which makes keeping track of everything all the easier. My favorite thing about this app, though, is that I can deposit checks simply by taking a picture of the front and back of the document. My funds are usually available immediately, and I simply save the hard copy of my check until I’m notified that the funds have gone through successfully. I rarely need to wait in line at the bank anymore. I can also transfer money between accounts instantly, so managing my savings account is much easier.



I am away from my house all day, and rarely return before dark. As a full time student with a demanding job, I need to know that when I return home by myself that I’m coming back to a save residence. Alarm.com is an app that syncs with my Katy home security system and keeps me connected with what is going on in my home while I’m away. With this app, I can monitor my home as well as any alarm monitoring company. I can access my security cameras to make sure that nothing is happening inside my home that should not be. I can also control my thermostat and turn my lights on or off as needed. This app has allowed me to live alone without fearing what could happen while I’m away, or what I could possibly find when I return. I am able to visit my family out-of-town whenever I like without worrying about leaving my home vulnerable.



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