10 Ways Your Company Can Utilize Video Productions


The internet, smartphones and social media are deeply ingrained in modern culture, and it’s true in the business world as well. Video productions are becoming more common to business success, from marketing videos to internal training and morale videos. Working with a professional video production company can help your business incorporate video into advertising campaigns, website design and many other areas. There are several ways your business can utilize video to increase success and adapt to the current media culture.

1. Internal Videos

Corporate video involves creating video primarily for use within the company. This could include training videos and informational documentaries about the company. Video is also useful for morale-building activities. For example, you could create a year-end video with coverage from all employee awards ceremonies and events like picnics and holiday parties.

2. Informational Presentations

While digital slide presentations may be common, video is a far more engaging medium for communicating information. Instead of relying on boring, static slides at board meetings and shareholder conferences, you can make an informational video presenting all the relevant points in an interesting way.

3. Website Design

Adding video to your company’s website is a fantastic way to help it stand out from the competition. Whether it’s a short video message from the company’s founders discussing the corporate vision or a well-designed motion graphic presentation about the services offered, video is an extremely efficient way to share a great deal of information.

4. Music and Entertainment Videos

For music and entertainment companies, uploading music videos to social media platforms such as YouTube helps reach a broad audience and increases sales of tickets, albums and other merchandise. Short videos are ideal to post to other social media sites such as Facebook and Vine.

5. Event Coverage

No matter what industry your company is a part of, there are several events that occur over the course of the year where video coverage can be beneficial. Video of keynote speeches, tables at industry conferences and industry awards presentations is a smart addition to both marketing campaigns and internal employee communications.

6. SEO

Posting video to your company’s website and social media pages can greatly increase search rankings. Most search engines favor new content highly in the ranking algorithms and it’s common for videos to land at the top of a search engine results page. Even a short video can improve your site’s visibility and traffic.

7. Define Corporate Image

Part of your business success relies on your company standing out in the industry. One way to help potential customers choose your business is to develop a corporate image and use videos to communicate that image. Maybe you want your company to be viewed as “cutting-edge” or “young and fresh” or “a legend in the industry.” A well-designed video can clearly and succinctly communicate your business’ image to your audience.

8. Encourage Continual Traffic

Another benefit of video production for corporations is repeat traffic to your website. If you release a short video every week highlighting a specific product or detailing a service, you can count on your audience returning to your website repeatedly to watch the new videos.

9. Upgrade to a Vlog

It’s well established that having a blog as part of your corporate website engages customers, boosts SEO rankings and encourages your audience to share your content. Upgrading that blog to include video (“vlogging”) can engage a broader audience and even allow your content to live on more platforms. Video tutorials, top 1o lists and corporate news updates are all great examples of corporate vlogs.

10. Demonstrate Products

If your company sells physical products, video is an effective way to advertise those products to potential customers. You can create a launch video for a new product that mixes video, still photography and motion graphics. Another option is to make a demonstration video showing people actually using the product. If your product requires assembly, you can earn your customers’ gratitude by uploading a video showing assembly to supplement the instruction guide.

There are numerous ways that video production can greatly improve your company. There are both internal and external applications for videos. Improve employee morale by creating a video of awards presentations and company successes. Improve your advertising and SEO campaigns by adding videos to social media platforms and your website. Engage your audience with vlogs and demonstrations. Set your company apart from the competition by using the effective and engaging aspects of video to attract and maintain loyal employees, investors and customers.


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